Become a Sponsor

Czech That Film is a non–profit program designed to expose Czech cinema to an international audience. Sponsoring the film festival not only helps support a unique cultural event in the United States, but also provides an opportunity to effectively advertise to a large audience. All sponsors are included in festival promotional materials, brochures, programs and on the official website.

Current sponsors include major international brands including Milk & Honey Pictures or ELMA.


Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in the Czech That Film Volunteer Program. The film festival is mainly supported by non-profit institutions, and relies on volunteers like you to succeed.

Volunteering gives you a backstage look at how a film festival is organized, from the planning out the logistics of special events to working with our sponsors and more. Become a part of the process and help firsthand with organization, preparation, and communication. This is also a great opportunity to meet fellow film enthusiasts and network with industry professionals.